Donna, Employee of Journal Communications

Donna is a very motivated individual. She asked me how she could get off her diabetes medication. I gave here encouragement and suggestions, increase cardio exercise as well as decrease calories and carbs as well as fats in her diet. She did get control of her HgA1c as well as her lipids profile. Soon she was out of the Diabetes Program. Next, we had Donna in our CV program. Shortly, she desired to find ways to reduce her BP. Suggested and encouraged her to continue to "ramp up her exercise program" to more days of the week and work on cardio. She did follow my advice as well as encouragement from her new husband. So now she is out of all programs!


Paul Martin, Medical Director, City of Asheville Health Services

The Asheville Project model of disease management is an evidence-based, time proven model that demonstrates collaborative care with pharmacist coaches is good for everybody – patients, physicians, employers, and health plans.”


Mr. Dennis Hedgepath

“This program has saved me a lot of money. As well, my pharmacist has given me helpful hints to improve my health. Her advice has helped me to go from 348 lbs. to 268lbs., mainly by cutting out soft drinks and eating lighter during lunch. This program is very valuable.”


Alan King,   Milwaukee, WI

“When I started the CV Heath program about two years ago, my blood pressure was fairly well controlled but on the high side of the normal range. Registered pharmacist Rick Ziegler evaluated my health history, labs and monitored my blood pressure for a while. He then suggested that I talk to my doctor about a change in my meds. My BP numbers have not been this good since being diagnosed with high blood pressure many years ago.”


Heather Cree,   Pharm.D.

"I enjoy working with patients in this setting because it allows me an opportunity for sustained, "hands-on" contact that I know improves quality of life because I can see the differences it makes in follow-up visits. I find it very rewarding, as a pharmacist and as a person."


Susan Nelson,   Milwaukee, WI

“Working with Rick, my coach in the Cardiac Risk program, has made me much more aware of how small changes can have major impact. Just by consciously cutting back on sodium I have considerably lowered my blood pressure. Rick does a great job of reinforcing the positive results you can achieve by making small changes in your lifestyle.”


Frank Phelps,   Rocky Mount, NC

"Meeting with my pharmacist has improved my thoughts and outlook on health tremendously. She has provided insight on the need for proper exercise, nutrition and general health. Through this program I have lost weight, better controlled my blood sugar and exercised more productively.

I highly recommend the program to anyone and feel it has greatly improved my quality of life."


Lon R. Rudolph,   Milwaukee ,WI

“The program sets specific goals and keeps me focused on maintaining good healthy habits, from exercise to eating properly.”


Jane King, Milwaukee, WI

“As a registered pharmacist, Rick is especially knowledgeable about my meds. He told me that Lipitor is more efficient when taken at night. I changed from a.m. to p.m. and my number improved; my primary researched and said he was correct!”


David Gordan,   Asheville, NC

"My blood pressure is doing a whole lot better and the program has helped with my diet and weight loss. It has helped me think about making better choices."


Nathaniel Williams,   Rocky Mount, NC

"I have benefited from this program by being assisted with monitoring my cholesterol levels, diet and exercise plan and establishing goals of controlling them. I have also enjoyed the benefits of the personal counsel with the pharmacist who is very detailed in our sessions."


Jenny Caldwell, RPh   Pharmacist Care Manager

“I love to be able to say at the end of the day “I think I helped someone today”. It is wonderful to see their faces when I show them improvement in their labs, blood pressures, PHQ9 scores, etc. It makes all of that time going to school worthwhile.”