About PPCN

   PPCN works with companies and government agencies to help them save money on healthcare. It does so primarily by reducing avoidable treatment and hospitalization associated with complications of targeted conditions. PPCN programming employs a unique approach of placing patients into relationships with clinical pharmacists having advanced training and skills in the condition being managed. Targeted conditions are common chronic illnesses that are especially dependent on multiple and/or complex drug therapies for best outcomes (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, depression and related disorders).

   Chronic disease accounts for 65% -80% of medical claim costs in the U. S. for the average private health plan. Between 20% and 30% of those costs are typically attributable to diabetes alone. The largest contributor to these costs is hospital and emergency room utilization, much of which is preventable. PPCN programming effectively reduces clinical risk, avoidable complications, and associated expenses for plan members with targeted chronic conditions.

   PPCN Chronic Disease Management Programs stress accountability on the part of participants, care providers, and on PPCN’s part for delivering measurable value to our customers. Programs are metrics and outcomes-driven with supporting technology for tracking participation, compliance, cost, and clinical risk reduction per evidence-based guidelines.

   Unlike many competing disease management or coaching programs, PPCN provides regular and detailed reporting for customers which includes compliance with key performance parameters, clinical risk trending, and documentation of financial impact based on claims experience trends for participants. and net savings. Armed with data and measurable results, PPCN promotes increased confidence in the value of your investment.

   PPCN programs are designed to drive specific health outcomes. To ensure success, the program is delivered as an integrated set of “face to face” interventions by a clinical pharmacist. The focused intervention is directed at meeting the individual’s highest-priority needs. Each intervention engages the individual toward reaching specific, mutually determined health-related goals. Individualized data provides the clinical pharmacist with a panoramic view of the individual, to support personalized attention with a customized treatment plan.

   Our programming has evolved from a model which was the subject of academic research in North Carolina. Widely known as the “Asheville Project”, the model was highly successful and much publicized. PPCN programming represents “Best-in-Class” solution for Disease Management:

 Employs a studied, proven model

 Deeply engages participants through in-person mentoring with expert coaches

 Provides individualized, goal-driven guidance for participants

 Provides proof of performance and value for customers through regular reporting & analysis

 Is easy to implement and integrate with existing health plan and programming